Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement in DFW

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Whether you need to install a new smoke detector in a newly constructed home, or you are planning on replacing an older device, our experts are prepared to help you set up your new smoke detectors safely and efficiently.

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Smoke Detector Recommendations for DFW Homeowners

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At least one smoke detector should be installed on every level of a home. Having a smoke detector in every bedroom or sleeping area is ideal.

Our experts at TopTech Electric can help you identify the best locations for installing a smoke detector based on requirements and recommendations provided by the National Fire Protection Association and manufacturer guidelines.

Choosing the Right Type of Smoke Detector for Your DFW Metroplex Home

There are three types of smoke detectors available.

Our team is happy to discuss your smoke detector installation options in more detail and recommend the best products for your home.

Ionization smoke alarms

These types of smoke detectors are efficient at responding to flaming fires. If smoke enters the device’s ionization chamber, the flow of ions will be disrupted, setting off the alarm.

Photoelectric smoke alarms

These devices are designed to respond quickly to smoldering fires. If light caused by smoke is reflected on the sensor, the alarm is triggered.

Dual-sensor smoke alarms

This option utilizes both ionization and photoelectric technology to provide more effective and efficient protection. It is the recommended option for many homes.

Testing and Maintaining Your Smoke Detector

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In order to ensure the continued efficiency of your device, monthly testing is recommended. If the alarm doesn’t sound after pushing the “test” button, try to replace the batteries; if the device is still not responding, the issue could be caused by faulty wiring and will require a professional inspection.

The batteries on your smoke detector should be replaced every year. We also recommend lightly cleaning your device during this time as well.

A full replacement of your smoke detector should be carried out every 10 years. Over time, dust and other debris can build up inside the unit, which can affect the efficiency of the sensors.

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At TopTech Electric we are committed to helping our neighbors throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas find safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to their electrical needs.

Whether you need help installing or replacing smoke detectors, or you have a different electrical concern that requires immediate attention, you can count on our team of experts to provide you with the quality solutions you deserve.

In addition to smoke detector services, we offer a full range of electrical solutions that include circuit and wiring inspections and repairs, surge protection, and more.

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Appointment was super easy to make. They arrived in the window I was told they would. They had to leave to get the right parts and stayed until the job was complete. The techs friendly and professional.
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Johnna Hill
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Matthew and Matt were great! They were easy too with, and addressed everything on our list. We had some outlets replaced, a kitchen light fixed, a doorbell fixed and two lights hung. They did a fantastic job!
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I had TopTech install 7 smoke detectors as well as fix a few outlets. Pricing was in line with 'national averages', electrician arrived on time with necessary tools/equipment and was done quickly. The electrician (Allan) was professional, helped explain what issues were and took photos of issues. Will recommend in the future to friends/family.Update: I had TopTech come out again for a different issue 2 years later. I requested Allan and he was great again. He was able to diagnose problem after some troubleshooting and fixed outlet on roof and suggested simply solution for my garage. Highly recommend.
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Jonathon LeGuen
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Great work, thank you for all your hard work
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Matt Weatherly
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Matthew R. and his team came out almost as soon as I called TopTech. An outlet blew and restarting the breaker wouldn't work. Matthew checked essentially every single outlet, even after figuring out the problem, just to make sure everything else was in order. He was super diligent, but also responsive, timely, and kept me in the loop of what was going on. I will absolutely be calling TopTech/Matthew again! The front office people were great to work with, too!
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It was a really simple repair, but Brad was great.
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Jeffrey Rous
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TopTech Electric was fantastic! I am extremely pleased with the results of their work. Top notch quality installation. I will use them again in the future, for sure.
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Stan Fleming
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Very happy with the work completed. I look at the replacement and upgrade of the panel as a big job. TopTech showed great professionalism and attention to detail with very high quality. Very happy that I selected them to complete the project.
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Brad is fantastic. Personable, professional and just the best. We have found our go to electrician forever.
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Great, quick work.
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